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6th Digital Innovation Lab:


On Tuesday, October 29th 2019, our 6th Digital Innovation Lab took place in Oracle’s office in Vienna. It focused on the change in consumer behavior and customer loyalty and how companies can assure brand trust in the long term, especially regarding Generation Z.


Four experts from different fields delivered their perspectives on the topic:
Livia Kubelka, Innovation Manager at Austrian Airlines, talked about getting to know infrequent flyers and outlined that nowadays, customer expectations for an airline company have become significantly higher. “It is essential to work closely with customers at a very early stage and use innovation for long-term relationship building.” This needs to be validated through customer interviews and surveys. Austrian Airlines has introduced three new features, which provide a modern flight experience and help to engage with customers: the 3D Seatmap, Virtual Reality Headsets, and CleverTogther, the on-board community.
Digital Transformation Strategist at Oracle, Francis MacAonghus, highlighted the importance of purpose – especially to younger and youngest consumers of Gen Z or Alphas. Brands need to aim for a constantly engage at an emotional level to be relevant to the individual. But not only purpose, also communication and trust and transparency are crucial: “If you can’t deliver one-on-one communication, you have no chance of getting loyalty.”
Alexis Johann, Managing Director at FehrAdvice, outlined customer relationships in the digital world. “Attention is the most important resource of the 21st century and the digital revolution is limiting it more and more.” Companies need to develop a strong customer identity – through loyalty programs and giving feedback – which is the key differentiation factor for success in a digital world.
The last speaker of the night was Eleonora Fiori, Customer Engagement & Loyalty Manager at IKEA which runs the largest loyalty program of the world. Eleonora stated that today, customers are taking back control in terms of their decisions and are becoming more opportunistic. “We want to find a balance between what customers need and what our brand’s purpose and assets are.” It is the company’s ambition to amplify loyalty in every customer journey.
The lab was concluded by the lab summary, where the audience shared some of their experience and raised questions to the speakers. Together with the four speakers, the audience agreed on the key findings of the night:
1. Customer expectations get higher → trend towards full service expectations
2. Generation Z is driven by the search for purpose. Thus we need to learn to engage emotionally.
3. Customer loyalty is not possible without trust and transparency. Therefore we have to build genuine cultures.
• Provide open channels for feedback and communication
• Future brand loyalty is about convenience, experience, and personalization
4. Be a first party data influencer, enrich this data, and offer something meaningful.
• Individualization of engagement is relevant to micro-moment context
• Behavioral segmentation to understand needs and relevancy


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