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This was Digital Innovation Lab: „Linking Tech And Talent“

Minecraft, banking apps and a "Schnitzeljagd"

HR is sometimes not considered as the sexiest topics within the business world. But this week, we proved differently. Our second Digital Innovation Lab focused on “Linking Tech and Talent For The Modern Workforce”. How does digitalization change HR, which importance will HR get in the near future, what is the input of robotics and tech?

We invited four experts from different fields to deliver their perspective: The consultancy viewpoint was presented by Florian Brence from Deloitte Austria. “The environment we are working in is changing: Our workforce composition as well as the way we run companies”. Most administrative task will be be taken over by tech, but the human factor will get more important. “HR will not be taken over by robots, it will become human-centered, but for sure data-driven.”, Mr. Brence was sure.


Christian Dorfinger added inputs from a private sector business perspective. “How many times have you been to the bank in the last 6 months and talked to a banker?”, he asked observing one or two hands raising. “How many of you have your bank and your banker in an app on your phone? Exactly that’s what digitalization is about!”

Biased algorithms and Minecraft were two elements of Raik Thiele’s presentation. Mr. Thiele is researcher at the Vienna University for Business and Economics. Biased algorithms can discriminate women or less financially gifted applicants, therefore Mr. Thiele urged us to identify the need to be aware of the need to neutralize them. But what does Minecraft have to do with the future of HR? “It is an extremely cooperative game, with no goal at the end. There is just the one thing: Work together and create.” This online game is teaching millions of young players the fundament for a good working relationship. “I am curious what this generation will change in the Laboral market.”


“Whoever is not ready for digitalization will feel it.”, concluded human capital management expert Philipp Wollner from Oracle. He pointed out that learning experiences have to be redefined and optimized as “so much money is put into trainings, but the actual learning experience happens on the job. Therefore, our question has to be: How do we help people learn better on the job?” With Oracle Cloud, he showed examples how employees can save time and communicate their projects, needs and tasks better. One thing seems clear to the Tech consultant: We need to think more holistically and interdisciplinary in order to be prepared for the future.

The lab was concluded by the lab summary, where participants shared their experiences in HR and how digitalization created significant advantages, but also how they lead to new obstacles. Philipp Wollner concluded the second Digitization Lab: “Through digitalization we will all become like neurons in our brain – with one click and within a fraction of a second we can all be connected. This is how the future of HR looks like”.


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