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Das war The Digital Innovation Lab

2050 Thinkers and Oracle launched a new event series with a unique learning atmosphere

Digging below the surface and expanding knowledge about Enterprise Ressource Planning (ERP) – the focus of our first Digital Innovation Lab.

Last Friday was finally the day that we have all waited for: The day, that we launched our new event series The Digital Innovation Lab. The first event was dedicated to the topic The State of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Oracle and the 2050 Thinkers Club collaborated to bring something completely new to the market, which accelerates gaining knowledge about digital topics. The Digital Innovation Lab is the opposite of a rigid and chalk and talk event, as the main focus of the event lies on the direct exchange of experts and visitors and a workshop – like atmosphere. To kick-off the event our five experts delivered their industry’s views on ERP within 15 minutes each.

Our first expert from the tech-side, Urban Jovanovic (Oracle), pleaded for one single data model and that integration will be major advantage, but also pointed out that there might be alternatives.

The next 15 minutes belonged to Joshua Budd, Associate VP Research & Consulting at IDC. The expert for Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa gave us insights on the analyst’s point of view and made clear that the buying decisions are increasingly made by non-IT people.

On the business-side, two speakers from Orange Poland, Zuzanna Góral (Accounting and Internal Control Director) and Anna Maria Misiak, PhD (Financial Processes and Applications Director) explained how they perceived the migration to the ERP cloud system within their industry. The main challenge were security concerns, as strict legislation demanded a high degree of security.

“The two main drivers for ERP integration in the public sector: Smart Cities and e-procurement.”, concluded Associate Professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and ERP specialist, Alexander Prosser.

After the keynotes, the breakout sessions began and the audience had the chance to join a small group around Mr. Jovanovic to get a glimpse of brand new technologies, such as bots, which will change the future of consumption. The other group joined a Q&A session with the experts.

After 30 minutes the two groups were fusioned again and discussed their findings. In a very casual way experts and visitors exchanged their views on ERP and presented different solution approaches towards challenges and difficulties as well as general developments of ERP, its integration and innovation process.


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