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Findings: 4th Digital Innovation Lab „Data and Wine“


Last Monday was our fourth Digital Innovation Lab focused on data analytics. We invited four experts from different fields to deliver their perspective:

Giuseppe Calabrese, Oracle Analytics Manager narrated about the world bee project in which algorithms are used to measure and simulate the behavior of bees. We have learned how a beekeeper is able to learn about the health of his insects and find out what they need. As a result, Oracle Analytics is supporting the World Bee Project to protect beehives easier.

The audience voted whether or not they would agree on the following statement (1: strongly disagree, 5: strongly agree).
-> ”We can save the planet by applying actions that were discovered with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence.
The audience confirmed the statement with an average vote of 3,9.

Any business is confronted with the challenge of creating insights on data coming from different systems by combining several data sources. Whilst Excel is often used as workaround a more advanced and automated solution is desirable. Michael Lessiak, Oracle Solution Architect showed us how autonomous technology can help businesses to overcome the challenge of lacking IT resources

An audience voting showed restrained confirmation on the following statement with an average rating of 3,1.
-> “With autonomous data management and leveraged analytics solutions, we don‘t need to have a deep knowledge in statistics/analytics/ML, we just need to know how and when to apply it.”

The final presentation was held by Michael Halmetschlager (Application-, Project manager & Data management Österreichischer Rundfunkservice – ORS) and Michael Wilfing-May (Managing Director of solicon IT). The audience was able to get insights on the challenges and strategies on the way to “Customer 360°” – “How to get to know your Customers”. In order to solve the biggest challenge, namely to integrate all systems and data, autonomous technology and cloud can be of great help in order mitigate many problems such as long lead times or disconnected systems.

An average rating of 3,8 firmly acknowledged the following statement:
->”Autonomous data management is the key to get to know the customer.

The lab was concluded by a discussion where our four speakers came to the conclusion, that the Cloud and it’s “instant features delivery” as well as Autonomous Data Management will make decision making much easier whilst elevating the level of data security at the same time. Our speakers expect that by 2025 all Systems are going to be operated in the Cloud.


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